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Product Marketing:
Purchase Data Metrics

Product Branding/Identity and Marketing Campaign

Purchase Data Metrics (PDM) is a sales optimization product offered by Nielsen Catalina Solutions to publishers and data platforms. It allows publishers/platforms to offer their advertisers directional insights into their live sales campaigns and make campaign adjustments based off of the insights.

My job was to create a visual identity for the product and to design appealing graphic content that would support overall sales efforts as PDM was published to market.

Lead Generation Campaign

Product Launch Email Campaign

Responsive email sent to prospective customers

Product Launch Landing Page

Responsive landing page with contact us CTA

Website Product Page

Product Launch Blog Post

Social Media Graphics

Used across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Branding & Illustrations

Icons, visuals, and illustrations I created for all PDM communications.

I used lines to imply motion & flow as a means of underscoring the near-real-time always-on value proposition of Purchase Data Metrics.

Go-to-Market Content


Product Capabilities Sales Deck

An in-depth dive into the details of Purchase Data Metrics. The deck is utilized by sales and client consulting for business development.

Sales One Sheet

A promotional sheet of PDM’s capabilities and value proposition.

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